Randy Blue: Tony Dimino

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Randy Blue: Jarrett & RichardOne thing I love about our models’ first solo videos is that they capture a wide variety of moods. We have some that like to live out their porn star fantasies right from the start, mugging for camera, playfully teasing you with their bodies and letting you know that they’ll be back for more but that you’ll have to wait to see it. Then we have the guys for whom everything is a brand new experience, and they give one hundred and ten percent because they don’t want to leave anything to chance. They refrain from coming for a week, jerk their cock for all it’s worth and spew huge loads of cum all over their sweat soaked bodies. I really liked Tony Dimino from the first day I met him. He had such a laid back vibe, cool, calm and collected, as they say. Everything about him is totally natural, especially the incredible body that nature blessed him with. Covered in lush patches of dark hair in just the right places, the razor has only ever seen the likes of his face and nothing more. No pretension, no attitude, just a very down to earth guy. It is for this very reason I chose to shoot him against a backdrop of rich greenery and earthy stone walkways. When it came time to shoot his solo he made me think of what it was like to be a young man just beginning to explore his body and sexuality. A lot of eighteen year olds like Tony don’t have the luxury of pulling out their collection of porn, toys and lube and allowing their self-sexing to flow freely. They jerk quietly in their bedrooms hoping their parents won’t burst in on them, or they partake in some stealth self-loving, all along praying that their college dorm mates won’t notice the rising and falling of the sheets. Tony’s performance is understated yet brilliant. Silent yet beautiful. His handsome face takes on a dreamy quality as his eyes flutter and he bites his lip, internalizing the raging hormones and playful eroticism of jerking off outside for anyone to see. And you have to wonder what’s going on inside that pretty head of his as he softly spews his creamy jizz all over his hand and stomach.

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