Randy Blue: Timothy Styles

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Randy Blue: Jarrett & RichardThere is just something about spotting a guy at the gym working out that gets your juices flowing, isn’t there? You see him across the room, lifting a set of barbells. Sweat glistening on every angle and curve of his muscular body. You hear the guttural grunt of power and passion as he heaves his body up off the ground at the chin up bar, wondering if it’s the same sound he makes as he rams his huge throbbing cock into some guy’s hungry hole. Timothy Styles is one of those guys. His body is covered in muscle and when he’s working out the definition is incredible. Covered in a light dusting of lush body hair you can practically smell the manly musk that hovers around him. His cock is nice and log, the kind you can’t wait to wrap your lips around yet challenging to get all down your throat. And when he jerks off, he works it with precision and skill. It’s so hot it makes you wish he had a handle on yours as you watch him work himself into a sweat. He shoots a load that is ordinary for him but seems as if he hasn’t shot in weeks, thick and powerful, gushing all over the gym floor.

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