Randy Blue: Text, Lies and Video pt. 1

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Randy Blue: Jarrett & RichardIt’s not easy being the new guy in town. You have to make new friends, get used to new neighbors and figure out where to find hot sex. When Nicco Sky’s character, Andy, moves into a new town he quickly gets picked up by the hottest guy in the gym, Travis, played by Chris Rockway. The sex is amazing. Andy loves to suck cock and with such a stud as Travis feeding it to him he’s in heaven. But things start to seem odd when Travis pulls out a handheld video camera and starts shooting footage of Andy. He’s not too thrilled with this idea but Travis assures him it’s just for his private collection. What follows is wild scene of some major hardcore sex between two horny muscle studs. Andy loves getting his hot bubble butt plowed by Travis’ huge cock and as it slams into his ass he’s begging for more until they both shoot tons of hot gooey spunk all over Andy’s smooth chest. But there’s an eerie foreshadowing when Andy innocently asks ‘This isn’t gonna end up anywhere, right?’ Little does he know what plans Travis has for that video and how it’s going to flip Andy’s whole world.

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