Randy Blue: Taylor Burke

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Randy Blue: Jarrett & RichardTaylor Burke loves working out. And at six foot one there’s no mistaking his imposing figure from across the gym floor. This guy is one hundred percent hot muscle jock and when he flexes his guns those biceps are so huge you can practically hear the muscles pop. There is something dark and mysterious about his look and with that much muscle towering over you it would be easy to back off, but Taylor is actually all bark and no bite. He’s the nicest guy you’ll ever meet and the idea of those pythons wrapping around you is enough to inspire many a late night jerkoff session. And speaking of pythons and jerking off, when this stud grabs his junk and starts wanking it’s quite a sight. And while his hard cock seems quite impressive as first glance, if you remind yourself just how big his hands are, and how tall he is, the sheer girth of his massive dick would make any power bottom tremble with anticipation. And as his balls churn out a nice thick load of hot sticky jizz all over his six-pack abs you can’t help but think how hot it would be to wrap your lips around such a thick piece of meat.

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