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Randy Blue: Jarrett & RichardI had such a great time shooting Taylor Banks that I had to have him back again. His first solo was so hot that this time I wanted more. I asked if he would be willing to do a toy video and he was apprehensive at first, but we talked about it and I let him think it over. I half expected him to say no because he\’s such a man\’s man. I can just picture him hanging with the guys, kicking back a few beers and watching a football game. I had no idea what his answer would be but I figured I\’d ask. I guess he figured it was no big deal because he called me back and said he would do it. The average shoot can take a while to set up, and while we were getting everything ready Taylor curled up on the couch and took a quick nap. I just stood there watching him sleep and loved how angelic he looked. I knew I had to start the video out like that. Who hasn\’t had one of those lazy days where you wake up with a hard on and the first thing on your mind upon waking is taking care of the aching pressure caused by a full set of balls and a stiff rod. Taylor looks so hot, with a nice smooth chest, and those sexy nipple rings. He had spent some time in the military, which explains his well kept body. And while smooth on top he\’s got some great furry legs with just the right amount of hair around his gorgeous ass. He fingers his puckering hole so gently and lovingly that you just want to flip over and let him have a chance at yours. And for someone who was not crazy about trying a dildo for the first time, you\’d never know it. He is very gentle with it but you can see the pleasure on his face as he explores this new area of his body for the first time. He has such a beautiful cock and works it like a champ while letting his other hand direct the dildo, you can tell he\’s hitting all the right spots and is feeling all of it because almost without warning he shoots a nice creamy load all over his hand.

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