Randy Blue: Taylor Banks 2

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Randy Blue: Jarrett & RichardThere is just something so sexy about the boy-next-door type who you know is hiding something. Taylor Banks contacted me about modeling on the site and my first thought was that his all-American good looks would go well on the site. He came in to meet me and we talked for a bit. I liked his personality, very outgoing and friendly. He looked just as good as the headshot he had sent me, but the body pics I had seen were all clothed, so I asked him to strip down for me. I have to admit, I was a bit shocked to see that he had both nipples pierced and a couple of tattoos on his arms. He didn’t seem like someone who would go in for that but it gave him a little bit of an edge and I found that very sexy. His nice lean chest is smooth with this cute little treasure trail that leads down to a really nice cock. I have a friend who really loves tan lines and I knew he would love Taylor because he’s got this subtle but distinct tan line that really makes his ass stand out when he turns around. He told me how much he loves the outdoors and doing a lot of outdoor activities. I imagined what some of those activities might be, but I don’t think they were the same ones he was talking about. I asked if he’d ever posed naked before and he said this would be his first time, so I made sure he was comfortable and would enjoy himself. It’s interesting to compare the various guys who come through here and the way their first shoots go. Some are shy and quiet, some are wild and crazy, some loud but perfectly in control. Tayler was a nice change of pace because he was very quiet but really got into it. He keeps his eyes closed letting all the feelings he’s experiencing go through his mind without needing any outside stimulus. I’d have to say it was very sensual how he runs his hands all over his smooth skin, stopping to play with one of his nipple piercings, playfully pulling at the hairs in his treasure trail, teasing around his hole, and finally giving his cock full attention.

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