Randy Blue: Steven Gray

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Randy Blue: Jarrett & RichardSteven Gray is so laid back that aside from giving you a massive boner by just being so damn hot he also instills in you a sense of mellow calm. Sort of like waking up to a morning blow job and just letting yourself enjoy it because you don’t have anywhere better to be. Steven spends two hours a day at the gym and it really shows. He’s got an incredible body that he proudly boasts he created himself. Some guys start out with a great body and just need a little bit of time at the gym to maintain but Steven’s beautiful muscles come from hard work and determination. And now that he’s got the kind of body that most men shoot a load over, he loves to be active and is always out doors playing sports or hiking and doing lots of physical activities. He’s quite an exhibitionist and it didn’t take much to get him naked for my camera. And I’m glad because I love looking at his body. He’s naturally quite smooth except for a nice little patch of pubes that do well to offset his light complexion, which flushes nicely as puts his full attention at working his dick. And speaking of which, that cock of his will make your mouth water.

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