Randy Blue: Roman & Shane

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Randy Blue: Jarrett & RichardI wanted to see Roman Todd and Shane Fisher take a shower together. There has to be a study done on how many tons of spunk are spilled in the shower each year. One of the favorite places to jerk off is when you’re all soaped up, cock hard with a memory of a recent encounter or a fantasy involving your favorite porn star. But no matter how much you enjoy indulging your aching boner with your own hand, you have to admit it would be so much hotter to have someone else there. A warm body, slick with water and soap, wrapped up around you. Slippery hands exploring every inch of your body, touching and teasing your skin, rendered sensitive in the heat and steam. A hot mouth engulfing your dick, so rigid it’s just aching for release. Shane has never been with a guy before and after getting to know him I figured it would be easier for him to be with someone else who was also fairly new as opposed to one of our more experienced guys. After seeing how well Roman did with Chip and Donny I knew that if any of our fresh faces was going to give Shane the blowjob of a lifetime it was going to be Roman. And surprisingly, Shane had to get a taste for himself and without any extra direction took Roman’s hot cock in his eager mouth. These two hot twinks get it on with steamy shower blowjobs.

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