Randy Blue: Robbie Madden

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Randy Blue: Jarrett & RichardWhen I need a little break I love to drive out to Las Vegas for a long weekend. The last time I was there I had just come out of a casino and was waiting for a cab when I saw this guy walk by with the most amazing body. He saw me standing there and said hello with a really sweet smile, so we started talking. His name was Robbie Madden. I suggested that he must have spent a lot of time at the gym to get a body like that and he told me that he was a personal trainer who was really into bodybuilding. He even let me feel how hard his bicep was. I joked that he must love showing off such a well worked out body since he spent so much time on it and he blushed just slightly and admitted that he did. Turns out that he loves bodybuilding and anything physical, especially wrestling. And I must admit the thought of his big muscular body intertwined with another hot, sweaty body, both of them grunting and gasping while getting all flustered just made me so hot. So I told him what I did and that I thought my members would love to see him on the site. He said he’d think about it and called me the following afternoon before I had left town. We got together again and spent some time hanging out. He’s a really nice, caring kind of guy but also has an aggressive side and can be very passionate when talking about the things he’s into. I knew that would be a huge asset when we started shooting. And while I signed him up from his body alone, when he whipped out his thick, meaty cock I think my jaw hit the floor. And as if that wasn’t enough, a nice look look at his hairy ass totally completes the picture.

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