Randy Blue: Ricky Mendez 2

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Randy Blue: Jarrett & RichardRickey Mendez is pure sex. In his new video he’s in the shower soaping up his gorgeous muscular Latin body, gently caressing his hard pecs, rubbing the creamy bubbles down his six-pack abs, and those sculpted arms and legs of his. Then he gives special attention to his hard cock, scrubbing, pulling, stroking. And just when you think he can’t get any hotter he flips over and fingers that awesome bubble butt of his. He really gets into it to the point that you almost need a shower yourself after watching him. I can still picture his photo spread in PlayGirl, where I first saw him. He’s come a long way since then. And how different this shoot was from his first one. He came in kind of shy and reserved, easing into the shoot, feeling more confident as the day went on and the camera was rolling. This time he came ready to play. I think he’s really enjoying the praise and admiration he’s been getting from people. We were at a public appearance recently and when they put him up on stage he held the entire nightclub in the palm of his hands. He just spreads rays of sexual energy wherever he goes. I mean, just watch the way he humps the bed in today’s video. He knows how to give you what you want and a few things you didn’t even think would turn you on. And that look of pure heat and passion that’s on his face as he’s running his hands over his body while stroking his massive peace of meat, straining for attention after the teasing it got in the shower. You can’t help but want to lick your monitor (but please don’t, ’cause I’m not replacing it). And he does such a great job of getting himself all goey by shooting a nice load of creamy white cum all over his caramel colored skin. You almost don’t want him to shoot because you know the video will be over, but you can watch it again and again, and I know you’re gonna.

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