Randy Blue: Renato Machado

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Randy Blue: Jarrett & RichardNo matter what I do, I can never seem to escape work. I was so busy with scheduling models and so many photo shoots that I needed a night out on the town. I turned off my cell phone, clicked off my email, put on a really hot outfit and hit the clubs. So there I was having a cocktail when the most gorgeous man walked past. He was wearing a tight fitting black v-neck shirt that showed off his beautiful hairy chest with rock hard pecs and six pack abs, his arms were muscular and strong, and I could tell by the tight jeans that he had a great looking ass. I positioned myself at the bar so I could get a good look at his face. He has these amazing hazel eyes that sparkled in the low bar lights and the kind of swarthy good looks that make both men and women swoon. He caught me checking him out and came over to talk. I went to introduce myself and he cut me off, saying, ‘I know who you are, you’re Randy Blue’. He said his name was Renato Machado and he had just moved to LA from Brazil. While we were talking he admitted that it had been a fantasy of his to pose on a site like mine. So I gave him my card and had him come in. Like I said, I can never escape work, but I can’t really say that’s a bad thing. When we were setting up the details of the shoot I thought it would be fun to give my members a little sneak peek at him before his video went up so I had him do an appearance on Randy Blue Live. The guys in the chat room loved him. The next day as I was setting up the cameras for the shoot I noticed something moving outside the window. It was Renato doing some martial arts exercises out on the lawn. I snuck my camera out and got some good shots of him before letting him get on with the main shoot. He was so hot, and had such a great time in front of the camera. I loved looking at his body so much that I put him next to a mirror so I could see more of him at once, and when it came time to shoot his load he shot right on it, like he was admiring his own beauty and shooting his hot sticky load all over it.

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