Randy Blue: Reese & Topher

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Randy Blue: Jarrett & RichardThere was really no rhyme or reason for putting Reese Rideout and Topher DiMaggio together other than the fact that they are both so damn hot. It seems I made a good decision, though, because the energy between these two almost melted my camera. I’ve been really into the idea of seeing guys getting wet, like in a fountain, rainstorm or a shower, so I wanted to do something involving water. Something about the warm water, the beautiful day it was outside, and each one seeing the other with the water rolling down their sexy smooth bodies, they just couldn’t keep their hands off each other. And they just wouldn’t stop! I hated to have to stop the cameras for even one second to move around because it was all just so hot. Reese and Topher were just rubbing each other’s dicks, looking deep into each other’s eyes. It was like a sword fight with both of those meaty tools sliding against each other. It wasn’t long before Reese was eyeing up Topher’s cock, and Topher knew it because he pushed Reese down to his knees and let him at it. And Reese didn’t just suck that cock, he engulfed it, sucked on the balls, rolled his tongue around it. I’m surprised Topher didn’t cum within a few minutes the way Reese was going down on him. After a while they turned off the water and Reese went at it again. This time both of them got so turned on that they had to jerk themselves off to release all that pressure. Topher sprayed Reese good, splattering him with hot sticky jizz as Reese cock let lose some nice long ropes of his own cum.

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