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Randy Blue: Jarrett & RichardSo late on night i was bored and really sick of everything on the television. sometimes your just restless and when I am restless I work.Yes I know, how boring. But anyway I went to this popular model site that I often go to and was surfing from page to page when all of a sudden the most beautiful set of eyes were staring right back at me from the screen. These eyes looked wise and were the most beautiful color of ice blue. Pierce is quite stunning and every time I look at him I do get a bit weak. Looking at his photos that night I began to want to see him naked immediately. I knew it all had to be good and boy was I right! Pierce is from the Midwest and has that really sweet, honest, and straightforward quality about him that makes him so appealing. But the best part is he is gay. Yep, completely hot and completely out. I love that. He pushes every button I have and the fact he is gay makes it even better. Pierce has a body that makes you really sit up and notice. It’s not perfection…..it’s real and it’s hot and it’s built. He has a massive torso and chest and his back and shoulder have the most beautiful dragon tattoo. You wouldn’t expect to find ink on this guy. Maybe a business suit but ink? never! I love it on him. Pierce does an amazing video where we get to see it all and he loves the attention.So sit back enjoy this sexy new man on Randy Blue and don’t forget the Kleenex….. you are going to need it.

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