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Randy Blue: Jarrett & RichardOur hunky surfer guy is back! And this time he’s learning a whole new bag of tricks. I asked Noah Driver if he wanted to take the next step and try out some toys. He said he knew I was going to ask and that he was not sure at first, but after the last video where he did a circle jerk with Brent, Joshua and Vinnie, he was feeling adventurous. Since he loves outdoor sports I figured the best way to shoot this scene would be to put him in surroundings that he would really like, so I found a great spot by a fountain and he looked perfect in it. He was in a really great mood the day he came in for the shoot and I knew he was ready to play. I love watching Noah explore his body. He knows just the right places to hit, letting his hands roam over his smooth skin, ducking behind his designer briefs just long enough to produce a nice sized bulge. Then he drops his drawers and primes his pump,getting that thick little beast of his nice and hard. My favorite thing about having him turn around and expose that beautiful ass of his is that he’s got these low hanging balls that you can see dangling under his perfectly rounded cheeks, so it’s like a double treat. He fingers himself, plunging his digits deep into his hole, getting it ready for some heavy traffic. For an added bit of fun we threw a massive dildo at him, way too big for his first time, just to see what he would do. Without missing a beat he wrapped those sexy lips of his around it and went to town as if it were a manhammer hanging off his favorite sexual fantasy. Then we gave him the real deal, a nice compact vibrator which he took to immediately. You can see the pleasure on his face as he works his new toy deep into his ass, alternately stroking his cock while teasing his G-spot. He’s shooting sensation throughout his entire body and it shows. He works that thing slowly in and out, making sure to hit just the right spots building his sexual energy up until a massive climax.

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