Randy Blue: Nick & Trent

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Randy Blue: Jarrett & RichardGetting woken up with a blowjob has to be one of the best things in life. You’re laying there all snuggled up in your bed, dreaming of fucking that hot guy you spied on for a little too long at the gym, or getting gang banged by your favorite rock group or football team. And all of a sudden you feel a warm mouth on your achingly hard cock. In your dream it’s the bass player or linebacker, you’re not sure which… it’s all very hazy. Then something tells your half asleep, half awake mind that the feeling is all too real. The erotic dream landscape melts away and you look down and see Trent Davis wrapping his gorgeous lips around your manhood. This must have been what Nick Hurley thought as he awoke from his nap to find Trent going down on him. Nick had arrived early for the scene and while I was off picking up Trent he must have fallen asleep on the bed. I thought, what better way to wake him up? I figured I’d catch a few moments of that on tape and we’d move on from there but these guys just kept going and going, and I got it all. Of course I couldn’t help giving them some tips here and there so it would make an even hotter video and this is the final result. Trent is such a good cocksucker that he doesn’t just get someone to cum, it’s like he’s able to draw a huge load out of any guy who’s lucky enough to feed him their dick. And the site of Nick shooting his load all over his smooth chest was enough to get Trent to add his to the mix.

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