Randy Blue: Nick Braso 3

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Randy Blue: Jarrett & RichardNick Braso’s first appearance on Randy Blue caused quite a stir. Everyone I knew wanted to know who this new powerhouse was and where did I find him. We recently did a public appearance here in Los Angeles and when he took the stage along side Jay Lopez, Reese Rideout, Chris Rockway and a bunch of our other hot guys, I could tell he fit in perfectly. He looked so hot up there on that stage moving his sexy, muscular body to the beat of the music that I decided I had to get another video of him quick. With such a beautiful sun-drenched body I wanted to see him out in the open, so we went to one of my favorite locations, a place with a really nice pool. I told him he could lounge by the water while I shot but he wasn’t about to waste a chance to dive in and have some fun. That bright smile came out and he swam for a while, letting me get a few good shots here and there. Finally, he emerged from the pool, the droplets of water reflecting sunlight off of his huge, hard pecs and tight, six-pack abs, dripping from the nice pelt of hair covering his chest, arms and legs. If you haven’t seen Nick in action yet you’ll be amazed at the size of his cock. He runs his hands up and down it like he’s raising a flag on a flagpole. And at one point he even uses two hands and fills both of them! It’s quite impressive. And when he looks at you with that innocent looking face and devilish grin you feel like he’s looking right at you and knows the horny thoughts going through your mind.

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