Randy Blue: Nathan Wright

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Randy Blue: Jarrett & RichardI always try to separate business from pleasure. Oh, who am I kidding??? When you love your job as much as I do, you just can’t help it. This has never been more evident than a recent dinner date I had with a friend. The food was exceptional, and I had to go in the back to compliment the chef in person. Okay, the truth is I wanted to hit on our waiter, who had just ducked into the back room. Anyway, as I was sneaking around the kitchen I spotted the most gorgeous guy, who just happened to be wearing a chef’s hat. His name was Nathan Wright. I was trying to compliment him on the food but I had to stop myself. I told him that someone as gorgeous as him should not be hidden away in some kitchen, no matter how good a cook he was. He laughed and assured me he didn’t stay cooped up in the kitchen all the time but that he loved the outdoors, being active and doing lots of physical activity. I don’t know what restaurant allows their chefs to wear such tight pants but from his bulge he appeared to be pretty well endowed. I slipped him my card and told him if he ever decided that he’d like to give modeling a try he could give me a call. Within a day or so I heard back from him, asking exactly what kind of modeling it was. When I told him he let out a sly chuckle and said he figured. I thought he might end the call right there but he totally surprised me and asked when he could come in. The first time I saw him naked I was pleasantly surprised. I don’t know why I thought a chef would be really conservative but his tattoos were not something I had expected. I love his very natural body hair. It starts from a sexy little treasure trail that leads to quite a hefty treasure, I might add. Then it runs covers his legs giving him a youthful yet manly look, quite a combination. And on top of a wonderful body, he’s got such a handsome face. He’s a quiet one, so don’t expect a lot of moaning until the very end when he shoots his load all over his sixpack abs.

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