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Randy Blue: Jarrett & RichardI will always love the image of a sexy guy sleeping. There’s just something about seeing the angelic face, eyes closed, half smile, sometimes a hand lightly brushes up against a nipple, a raging hardon poking up up through the sheets. It reminds me of Sunday mornings, waking up with the stud you picked up the night before, resting after a long night of really hot sex, waiting for him to wake up for seconds. Nathan Parks has such a hot body and sweet face, not to mention a smile that would melt butter. He had come in from a long flight so I suggested he take a quick nap before the shoot and that we would start when he woke up. He had already told me in one of our earlier conversations about how he loves to jack-off when he first wakes up, to take care of the morning wood. So in letting him sleep I was able to catch his waking moments, and he knew exactly what I was doing because I didn’t even need to stop, he just ran with it. I could tell he’d had a great dream because he woke up with a raging hardon and his hand moved naturally down to his dick. And what a dick it is. Talk about hung, this guy could choke even the most talented cocksucker. And wait until you see his body. Currently living in Colorado, he had wanted to pose for Randy Blue for a while. So he had sent me some pics when we first started talking and they were very nice. So we made arrangements for him to come here to shoot and he went into overdrive at the gym. When he got here he was so pumped and muscular, I just wanted to lick him from head to toe. But being the professional I am, I saved all that pent up energy for the shoot, using the camera to go where me and my members would love to put our hands (among other things). And cum lovers are going to love the money shot. If this is how he usually shoots he must spend a fortune in laundry!

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