Randy Blue: Mitch Branson 2

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Randy Blue: Jarrett & RichardWhen a man like Mitchel walks in to your office you tend to take notice. I remember the day vividly standing in our reception area waiting for a model who I was pretty sure would not live up to his build up. You have no idea how many people get rejected for the site and usually age and or body type is the reason so many just do not make the cut. Mitchel had called and said he was in town for an afternoon and would really like to audition if I had the time and come back and do the shoot at a later date. To be honest I was just not expecting anything like Mitchel and when he walked in my jaw dropped……so did my assistants. Mitchell strolled in and introduced himself and I realized it was one of the shortest interviews in history. Mitchel you are hired! We set the schedule for the shoot and I have to admit I was really secretly looking forward to it. I guess you could say Mitchel already had a huge fan. The shoot went extremely well and the whole time I could not stop staring at his body. Mitchel has a body at 32 that most guys cannot achieve in their teens and twenties. He is sculpted and powerful and hairy….thank god. Mitchel has a really thick cock and a butt that defies gravity. Seriously I have not seen an ass like his in some time and I don’t know if I ever will again. It is big and round and hard and lets not talk about hot his hole is. More then anything though Mitchel is a horn dog. A guy who really wants to fulfill some fantasies. He is all ready to pursue some man on man lovin and I know that I am ready to see just what that body and ass can do. Aren’t you?

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