Randy Blue: Mitch Bennett

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Randy Blue: Jarrett & RichardWorking in this industry I often see guys that catch my eye, but rarely do I see someone who makes me stop in my tracks and just stare. I was at the gym the other day doing my workout when I noticed something strange. One by one all the guys around me were slowly turning their heads. I looked around to see what they were looking at and he was walking right past me. He had the most incredible muscular body, not like a bodybuilder but like someone who had worked on a farm or had done a lot of heavy lifting his whole life and then augmented what nature had given him with strict gym workouts to make it even better. His face was ruggedly handsome and when he smiled you caught a glimpse of a sweetness you wouldn’t expect to see. There was such a confident swagger in his walk, self-assured without being arrogant. My head joined the rest as I followed this hunk of beef across the gym floor. Everyone else was a little intimidated but you all know me, I walked right up to him and asked him who he modeled for. He smiled this huge toothy grin and let out a belly laugh I didn’t know he was capable of. He said he wasn’t a model and I told him that he was now, all he had to do is call me. I gave him my card and we started to chat. We ended up showering, at the same time though not together, and it gave me a great idea for his debut video. Later, I could feel jealous eyes from all around the gym as we left together. So what if I didn’t take him home to fuck him, they don’t need to know that. Besides, I’d much rather share him with you guys so we can all enjoy every inch of his magnificent body and gorgeous uncut cock.

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