Randy Blue: Mike West

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Randy Blue: Jarrett & RichardMike West is one of those guys who you would never think you’d see online jerking his cock. He’s got that All American look about him and is just so handsome. Then he strips down and grabs that yummy dick of his and starts stroking. I like to jokingly tell people he’s into watersports because the truth is he actually plays waterpolo. You can tell from his incredible body that he spends lots of time at the gym and remaining active. He’s got the kind of arms you just want to have wrapped around you. Just the right amount of body hair with a naturally smooth chest, a hint to a treasure trail and a nice thick yet well maintained patch of pubes. His legs are a different story. Nice, thick dark hairs cover his long athletic legs which make them really stand out. When he jerks his cock his handsome face gets this look of stern concentration, as if he was summoning all of his sexual energy to get things working just right for him. And when he spreads his ass cheeks and you catch a glimpse of his gorgeous hairy hole you just want to bury your face into it. And as he gets closer and closer to orgasm you can practically feel the energy rising until he finally lets the jizz flow.

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