Randy Blue: Mike & Ryan

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Randy Blue: Jarrett & RichardMike West and Ryan Rockford were planning on doing a scene together. Mike was really excited about working with Ryan because he is so damn hot and has quite a reputation for being an amazing bottom. Mike has only stated fucking other guys and the chance to tap a seasoned ass was just too good to be true. Mike had never been fucked before and when I suggested he return the favor, he was a little apprehensive. He’d been wanting to try it but was a little nervous. But after doing such a great job in our latest project, That 70’s Gay Porn Movie, I figured you guys would love to see Mike do a lot more. So we did some shooting and things were going really well. Mike and Ryan took turns blowing each other, and Ryan did such a great job of getting Mike so hot and horny that he didn’t care what was going to happen next. He rammed his cock right down Ryan’s hungry hole and was lost in ecstasy, trying really hard not to cum too fast because it felt so damn good. Then it was Ryan’s turn. I could see Mike was a little nervous but he took it like a champ. And as often happens, the look of worry slowly dissolved into a relaxed acceptance and then to a look of passion and almost craving. In between takes he confided in me that he was surprised at how good it felt and could see himself cumming just from that. I let Ryan shoot his load first because I wanted to build Mike up so much that when he shot he’d just totally explode. And that he did. He unleashed a torrent of hot steamy jizz all over Ryan’s empty nuts.

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