Randy Blue: Max & Sean

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Randy Blue: Jarrett & RichardEver since we put in the new Randy Blue gym, the guys have all been dying to try it out. They love having a place to work out between shoots and a few of them have confessed that they were really turned on by the idea of having sex in a gym. We haven’t seen Max Keller in a little while. He’s been really hitting the gym lately and when he contacted me he couldn’t wait to show off his new body. I suggested that since he’s been spending so much time in the gym, why didn’t he come by to check ours out. It was nice to see him again, and he was right, his body looked amazing. I’ve always found his light sprinkling of chest hair to be so sexy, and with that chiseled jaw of his and those intense eyes, he is just all kinds of sexy. And I remembered Sean Everett pumping up before his last live show and damn did he look fine! I love the way his muscles look as he’s straining against the weight, that look of determination, the beads of sweat forming on his forehead. He’s got such a great personality and is so eager to please, so I thought it would be hot to see him be the one who takes charge of the situation and initiates the scene with Max, before diving down head first on that beautiful cock of his. Max had never been with another guy before and I knew Sean would be attentive to his every need. And since it was Sean’s first time on screen giving a blowjob he wanted to make it extra special. He gave Max a blowjob that no girl could ever match and the way he laps after the cum with his tongue as it’s spurting all over his face is something to be seen to be believed. Excellent work, guys!

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