Randy Blue: Luke Steel Toy

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Randy Blue: Jarrett & RichardYou remember Luke Steel, the sexy pool boy from last week who did the hot video in my friend’s pool. Well, I got a call from him wanting to know when we could work together again. Like I’m going to pass that up. He was so damn hot, with all that luscious chest hair, and those handsome Middle Eastern features. I asked him if he would be interested in trying out a dildo and didn’t even hesitate. He seemed to be up for anything. So he came into the studio looking all scruffy and unshaven, asking me if he should clean up but I loved the look on him. I thought it really gave him a bit of an edge, as if he needed it. I gave him my favorite model of dildo and let him go at it. He started off with some nice casual jerking, which is so hot I could watch him do it all day. He’s got a cock that is just the right size. Not too huge but enough for a nice grip, with a big, bulbous mushroom head. I forgot to mention in my last update that his balls work overtime when he’s going at it because he shot two loads during our last shoot. If you have a good eye I’m sure you saw it. This time he poked his prostate with that shiny plastic vibrator and within a couple of minutes shot a sky high gusher. I would have been worried about getting a video that was too short if I hadn’t already seen him at work. It didn’t even phase him. He went right back to it, plunging that toy deep in his gut, pushing and pulling it ever so gently, working every inch of it to maximum pleasure capacity. I couldn’t tell if he’d done this before or it was his first time because the way his eyes rolled up in his head in sheer ecstasy it looked like someone who was experiencing this for the first time. However, the skill with which he maneuvered it in and out while moving it around made me think he’d done this on many occasions. We asked him later and it turned out it was his first time. I was amazed. Then he moved up to the larger one, a realistic cock and balls model made of soft realistic feeling latex. And that didn’t last long because no sooner did he get that one in than he was shooting his load for the second time all over the bed.

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