Randy Blue: Lucky & Topher

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Randy Blue: Jarrett & RichardThe chemistry between Lucky Daniels and Topher DiMaggio is obvious the minute they appear on screen together. These guys had so much fun hanging out that when it came time to film their scene I didn’t have to do anything. It was one of those magical days where I just got to turn on the camera and sit back and watch. And I had to keep close watch on them before we began because every time I turned my back they were busy playing tonsil hockey. I had to make sure they didn’t sneak off for a quick fuck because I wanted them to save all their juicy goodness for you guys. But I don’t mind the frustration of keeping two horndogs apart before a shoot because it usually means that once I flip that camera switch it will be like releasing caged tigers. Lucky is in excellent shape, but then again he always is, and is looking absolutely perfect. While Topher’s smooth, lean body has inspired hardon after hardon. Putting them together was a great idea because in addition to being so turned on by each other they almost sprayed the camera lens with sweat and semen, they also look incredibly hot together. And just hearing Lucky’s deep moans as Topher rammed his beautiful cock deep in his manhole is enough to get you off. But there’s no shortage of cum in this video, because after Lucky shoots a huge load all over his stomach, Topher sprays him down with an orgasm so intense you can actually feel him coming.

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