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Randy Blue: Jarrett & RichardOne thing I love about our live shows is the feedback I get from our viewers. While it’s not always possible to honor everyone’s requests I do get a lot of great ideas. The other day a few comments in the chat room about saunas got me to thinking. Guys have been getting it on in saunas and steam rooms since they were invented but how often do you see a guy walk in with his towel on, and pull out a bunch of toys and just go to town? So when Lucas ‘Gun Show’ Vick came in to do his latest video I told him I was going to treat him to a day at the spa. I don’t think he quite realized exactly what kind of spa I was talking about, but once we got there he got the idea. He’s a lot of fun, aside from being totally adorable, sexy and possessing a beautiful handful of cock, and is always open to new experiences. We were lucky to find a room that wasn’t being used and I let him do his thing. Even though he’s never frequented bath houses like I… um.. well, like some people I know, he knew exactly what to do. He put himself in the mindset of a horny young man who stopped in to the baths to get himself off in the most exhibitionist way he knew how, by ramming his ass with his favorite toys in full view of all the hot, sweaty, horny guys hanging around the steam room. He got really into it, playfully tickling his hole by edging the dildo in just a little, letting it sit there for a while before delving deeper and deeper. The musky smell of mansweat, the moist heat of the steam, and faint sounds of breathing got him so hot he had to eventually move over to the showers. But the hot water only exasperated his aching need to have his ass filled. He pulled out a bigger toy, this one a natural looking cock with big, chunky balls as the base and proceeded to fuck himself as the warm water caressed his horny body. His lush carpet of black hair sticking to his body as it formed channels of liquid exploring every inch and keeping the dildo nice and wet so it could slide effortlessly into his waiting hole. And when he lay on the floor spewing his juices it made me think of all the times I’ve jacked off in the shower. I smiled and thought to myself, ‘yeah, this one’s a keeper’.

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