Randy Blue: Lucas Vick 2

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Randy Blue: Jarrett & RichardLucas Vick was referred to me by a friend. One look at his photos and I had to meet him. He had such a handsome face and a beautiful smile, his body looked great and the cock shot showed me that my members would love his member. So I flew him to LA the day before the shoot. I was going to a big party that night and figured I would take him along, show him off and let him have a little taste of the LA night life. We walked into the room and every eye was on him. People who know me kept asking when they could watch his video. Well, ego stroking like that had us both excited about the shoot. He had been looking forward to it for weeks and couldn’t wait to get started. He’s got such a hot body, with a sprinkling of trimmed dark chest hair that lays across his perfectly shaped hard pecs. His charm turns to heat as he starts stroking his nice sized dick, working it like it’s his favorite thing in the world. While we were out and about the previous night he let it slip that he loves to jack off in front of a mirror so he could watch himself, and I’m not one to forget something like that, so when he came onto the set and saw the large, full length mirror next to the bed he got a huge smile across his adorable face. Another feature in Lucas that I totally love is that hot ass of his. When he’s on his back working his cock his ass facing you, it opens up just a little almost inviting you to shove your own rock hard rod deep inside. If I have my way you’ll be seeing a lot more of Lucas.

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