Randy Blue: Lucas, Shane & Brodie

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Randy Blue: Jarrett & RichardI’ve been watching a lot of reality TV lately. One of them had a bunch of really hot guys going to a strip bar where they got lap dances from some sexy strippers. Then they went to a commercial and when they came back they went on to the next day. I realized that I have been in this business too long when I thought for a minute that my Tivo had screwed up and neglected to record the following scene that had to have taken place when the horned up studs got home. There’s no way a bunch of guys, straight or gay, would get that worked up, come home and not have to jerk off. And those reality shows record everything! So I figured I would just have to shoot my own version of that scene. I have been having so much fun with Lucas Vick, Shane Foster and Brodie Jackson on their own videos, and since all of them have that adorable southern drawl I knew they would be perfect. I set the stage for them and just let them run with it. They all did an excellent job. Brodie has been letting his hair grow and it looks really cute on him. He’s been working out too, so his body was in excellent shape. It hasn’t been that long since Lucas was here, and it’s always a pleasure shooting him. With that handsome face, pleasant personality and sexy bod, he always delivers. You’ll be seeing a lot more of him. And Shane gave the trio a nice contrast since he’s taller and a little beefier than the other two. Together they made a great combo of hotness and high energy as they wanked away.

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