Randy Blue: Levi Green 2

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Randy Blue: Jarrett & RichardOkay, I have to admit it. I have this fantasy about having a hot guy come to my house to paint my garage and end up having wild crazy sex with him. I don’t know where it comes from, Maybe some movie I saw or an erotic story I’ve read, but it’ been an interest of mine for some time now. And one reason I love my job so much is that if there’s something I want to see being done by a hot guy, I can just make it happen. Levi Green did such an excellent job in his last video, and he’s got that sort of tough guy look that I just love, so we played out a little scenario of him coming over to paint and getting a little sidetracked. He’s looking good and his body is better than ever. His smooth torso features a set of pecs you could eat dinner off of, leading down to nicely defined six-pack. His arms are just the right size, definition without being overly muscled. And the sexiest pair of legs. He’s really athletic and it shows. He keeps active and his love of sports, not to mention hours at the gym, keep Levi in excellent shape. He must also excersize that muscle between his legs pretty often because it’s big, thick and meaty, and the way he works it you can tell he knows how to make himself feel good. One thing that I really love about Levi is his far flying cumshot. I had hoped that he could live up to his last video and he sure as hell didn’t disappoint! I worry about anyone who might want to blow him, he’s likely to put an eye out! I had thought about having him paint the whole garage before actually jacking off, but decided that he would probably be too tired to get it up then. Oh well, I guess I’ll just have to hire an actual handyman. Hmmm, maybe he’ll pick up on Levi’s vibe and my fantasy will really come true.

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