Randy Blue: Leo & Trent

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Randy Blue: Jarrett & RichardLeo Giamani has been the talk of the town since his Debut on Randy Blue Live. His first solo video had people asking in the chat room when he was going to do his first scene with a guy. Well, wait no longer. I knew I needed to make this one extra special. I wanted someone who would attack Leo’s nine inch python with gusto. Someone who would take as much as that hunk of beef into an experienced mouth and down a throat that could accommodate as much as possible. I knew, without a shadow of a doubt that it needed to be Trent Davis. I love watching this guy suck cock because he’s so damn good at it. And I knew that Leo’s would be a challenge and a pleasure. Now keep in mind that Leo overshadows Trent, well he overshadows most people he meets with his muscle on top of muscle frame, big strong arms and legs like tree trunks. He’s as muscular as you can get without the bulk of a full fledged bodybuilder. You would almost think he could pick up Trent and totally have his way with him, but once Trent went to work he was the boss. He even went so far as to grab Leo’s cock and use it to pull him into the position he wanted, and by that time Leo was so far gone in the pleasures of a kick-ass blowjob that he was not in a position to decline. That’s not to say that he was entirely passive. He did a great job of holding Trent’s head and face fucking him as well. And if you’re a fan of rimming you’ll want to pay special attention to Trent going down on Leo’s hot ass, with his own perfect globes sticking up in the air as if inviting you to join in. And when Leo shot a gusher of spunk over Trent’s shoulder to cover his smooth chest, Trent didn’t pass up an opportunity to suckle at the tip of that gorgeous cock, lapping up the last few drops of love honey, before shooting his own jizz into the mix.

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