Randy Blue: Kyle Marx

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Randy Blue: Jarrett & RichardKyle Marx is a big fan of the site and has been wanting to pose for us for a while now. He’s so adorable with his spiky hair meticulously mussed up in just the right places, golden brown tan, beautiful brown eyes and full, thick lips. I had him come into the office for an interview and he was so cheerful and funny. I guess he’s what you would call a prettyboy, and boy is he ever. This is Kyle’s first time modeling so I’m thrilled to bring you some fresh meat. I think he’s fantasized about modeling because he’s a natural. Once the cameras started rolling he was showing off his body and working that thick meaty cock of his. I usually like guys with a light dusting of hair but being totally smooth really suits Kyle. He was so comfortable that it took him no time to get it up and once he started he totally went with it non-stop. He’s got a great body and the hottest ass, and he knows it. I told him to show it off for the camera and he made sure you ass fans will get a great view, slapping, massaging and spreading those bulbous cheeks of his. His sexual heat really shows in the way his cheeks flush and his eyes roll back, his mouth opens to let out the hint of a soft, sensual moan and you can see that he’s totally lost in the moment.

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