Randy Blue: Kevin & Leo

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Randy Blue: Jarrett & RichardWhen we did our Halloween special this year on RBL we had Kevin Falk and Leo Giamani playing phantoms who give Reese Rideout a spooky fantasy. Well, it wouldn’t take a brain surgeon to see the chemistry between them. While that was a smokin’ hot three-way I couldn’t wait to get the two of them together. Kevin is a sexual beast. He’s a very sweet, good natured guy when you are hanging out with him casually, but when he’s turned on he has this effect on other guys that’s quite compelling to see. His sexual energy fills the room and he just takes over. He knows what he wants and he just gets it. Then we have Leo Giamani, with a body that needs to be immortalized in marble. Every inch of this guy is muscular perfection, from his brick wall of a chest to the giant manrammer between his legs. And his handsome Italian features would pop a boner in the straightest of straight guys. With Kevin’s sexual energy and Leo’s pure hotness, especially since the both of them have the most amazing bodies, this video was sure to be an instant classic. You have Leo deepthroating Kevin’s gigantic cock, and doing an excellent job of it. Then Kevin give’s Leo’s ass a good tongue bath before diving his face in and rimming the hell out of it. Once he’s got it all prepped and ready he begins gently sliding his dick into Leo’s slicked up hole, letting Leo adjust to it’s enormous length and girth, then begins his rhythmic pulsing, causing Leo to shudder and moan. And as if this wasn’t hot enough, as if this wasn’t enough to put on a loop and let run throughout your favorite jerk off sessions or as inspiration for your own hot sexual encounters, as if this wasn’t enough to fuel your fantasies, Leo gets up and lowers himself on Kevin’s fat cock and rides it home. And just when you’re ready to shoot your load, Kevin has to get one more fuck in before he blows and rams Leo like there’s no tomorrow. Then, just when you think Leo is going to explode, he pulls back and lets his orgasm draw out in a long, sensual cumshot, followed by Kevin, who is far beyond control at this point, shooting long ropes of spooge all over Leo’s heaving, cumsoaked chest.

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