Randy Blue: Kenny & Shane

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Randy Blue: Jarrett & RichardShane Foster was out all night trying to get a little tail. He hit the clubs and ran all over the Sunset Strip, but no luck. Took a spin around West Hollywood, but still no luck. It was just one of those nights. Everyone was out having a good time but nobody was ready to take it home. Which makes no sense at all given the body on this guy. He’s built like a brick wall, good solid frame with a pair of rock hard pecs and a smooth rippling stomach, a pair of arms you could just melt into and strong powerful legs that anyone would love to have wrapped around them. Enter Kenny Cross. He was out with Shane until he took off on the hunt for some action and knew the minute he saw Shane sleeping in his own bed that he failed to score. It’s a good thing Kenny wakes up with perpetual morning wood. He can smell a hard on from a mile away and when that aroma hit his nostrils he practically floated across the apartment and into Shane’s room. Shane was more than happy to get some from such a hot stud as Kenny, who’s eager mouth has been the cause of many curled toes. One look at Kenny is enough to inspire a raging hard-on with a side of precum. His boy-next-door handsomeness is a wonderful contrast to his sexy body and voracious sexual appetite. Never let it be said a blowjob is bottom’s work because even though Kenny was doing the sucking, he took charge of the whole scene, making Shane submissively suck his fingers and alternating sucking on and then pumping Shane’s throbbing erection with his firm hand. Everyone involved says this is the best blowjob ever to appear on Randy Blue. I, personally, don’t like to make statements like that so I’ll let you guys be the judge. But I will tell you this, it’s so hot that you can practically feel Kenny’s warm tongue, inviting oral cavity and bottomless throat going down on your own stiff member. You might not even have to touch yourself, it’s that hot. And while Shane obviously loved every second of it, Kenny got so turned on that he did not just cum, he erupted a gigantic load all over that smooth chest of his. And once again, it’s an orgasm you not only see, but feel! I swear I should have just called this one ‘Randy Blue in 3D’.

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