Randy Blue: Kenny Cross Toy

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Randy Blue: Jarrett & RichardKenny Cross is almost too beautiful for words. From his adorable boy next door face, to his bubble butt, he’s got it all. Nice, tight muscles, smooth tan skin, and a dick to die for. He was just in last month for a circle jerk, and did an amazing job. But while we were shooting that I kept thinking about Kenny’s first video. He was so hot, dry humping the sofa and fingering his hole, it made me think about some other things I wanted to see him try. I asked if he’d be interested in doing a toy video and he was all for it. He’s very dedicated and will do what it takes to do a good job. So I started him off easy, with a small plug that would loosen him up nicely. After a while he was ready for the big guns. I pulled out a nice sized lifelike dildo, complete with balls, and handed it over. He looked at it for a second and then was ready to go. He did an excellent job. I love the look on the face of someone using a dildo for the first time. There’s this incredible range of emotions one goes through, from the uncertainty of the sensations, to an uncomfortable furrowing of the eyebrows, to the eventual moan of pleasure as they give into the feeling and realize how much pleasure it’s giving them. And Kenny goes through them all, the whole time stroking that enormous cock of his. Watching Kenny Cross jack off is like watching a snake charmer wrestle with an Anaconda. This thing is huge. He then puts all his attention back on the dildo, planting it firmly on his seat and lowering himself on it, impaling himself over and over on the rigid toy. He obviously liked it because when he came he shot a nice hearty load all over that smooth chest of his.

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