Randy Blue: Josh, Lucas & Xander

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Randy Blue: Jarrett & RichardOne of the hazards of being friends with someone who makes porn is that sometimes you see things you’ve really done in a movie. One of my friends was telling me all about an experience he’d had recently when his boyfriend brought him a very special birthday present, a really hot guy he picked up at a convenience store. While my friend well telling his rather hot story I started picturing it in my mind, but I can’t really think of my friends in a sexual way because that would just be creepy, so I mentally substituted some of my hottest guys that seemed to fit the story. My friend has dark hair and a few tattoos so I immediately imagined Lucas ‘Gun Show’ Vick in his place. Lucas has grown in leaps and bounds on the site, and love throwing him into new situations. My friend’s boyfriend has that boy-next-door look and so Xander Scott was perfect for his role. His body is flawless with his tight little muscles constantly being toned at the gym. And when he smiles you can practically see his face on the cover of Tiger Beat. As for my friend’s birthday present, I wanted someone that hasn’t been seen much on the site, since this guy was someone they had never met before. Then I remembered Josh Jenson and how sweet and innocent he looked on the outside, yet his huge dick and sexual openness shows another side of him entirely. Who better to play piggy in the middle with Lucas and Xander? By the time my friend had finished his story I was already on the phone trying to set this video up. Now I’ll have to see what my friend think of it.

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