Randy Blue: Jordan Thomas

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Randy Blue: Jarrett & RichardJordan Thomas, what a find! The very second I saw this guy’s face I knew I wanted him on my site. And the pics he sent me did not do him justice. He walked into my office for an interview and I’m sure my jaw hit the floor. He stood there with his tall, beautifully sculpted body looking like he just stepped off a pedestal in a museum topped off by a face that could launch a thousand cologne commercials, high fashion clothing ads and romance novels. We started to talk and it was all I could do to pay attention because he’s got this deep sultry voice that makes you want to beg him to say your name over and over again (or maybe that’s just me). So without much thought I signed him on and got his sexy little ass in front of the camera. And I’ll tell ya, the camera just loves him. There are lots of little tricks we use to make sure our models always look great for you, but this one took very little work. He was very comfortable being in the spotlight, even though he was a little nervous before we started. I assured him he would be fine and once we got underway you would have thought he did this all the time. He shows off his body like he’s a car salesman showing off the newest edition of the hottest sportscar on the market. You see exactly what he wants you to see and makes sure you get the best view. And what is it about tall, trim guys all having the biggest cocks? His massive member could be used as a weapon in a bar fight! It’s big, beautiful and it’s all for you. He wrestles his throbbing anaconda until it spews a hot load of cum on his flawless abs.

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