Randy Blue: Jonathan Bartell

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Randy Blue: Jarrett & RichardBelieve it or not, I like to take vacations from time to time. So I was out in South Beach recently for a little fun in the sun… I know, as if we don’t have that in LA. I had been invited to spend the weekend at my friend’s beach house and in honor of my visit he threw a little house party. Okay, really it was just an excuse to get every hot guy in the area to drop by his house for cocktails and craziness. So I was hanging out on the beach when, almost as if in a movie, this handsome guy wearing nothing but a baggy pair of swim trunks emerged out of the water and approached me as the warm glow of the setting sun made the water trapped in the thick carpet of his lush chest hair glisten. He walked up to me and said, ‘Hi, I’m Jonathan Bartell… and you’re Randy Blue’. I guess my reputation precedes me. He told me he had been an admirer of my site and would love to model for me. I looked him up and down and liked what I saw. And the fact that I could follow his furry little treasure trail all the way down to a nice little patch of pubes, poking up over the top of his low hanging swim trunks, made me think that he was hardly going to be bashful about showing off his body. When he came to my studio I put him in a brand new pair of the hottest underwear I had, from an awesome selection that the aussieBum guys were nice enough to send me of their newest line. Seeing him wearing them got me hot all over again.

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