Randy Blue: Johnny & Max

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Randy Blue: Jarrett & RichardMax Cruz has never had a man’s lips around his cock. In fact, he had never kissed a guy before. And while I usually like to give these guys a chance to try some new things and see where their interests lie, I had a hunch about Max. I got the feeling he was ready to go to the next level and make it with another guy, but that he would be too bashful to go for it himself. Now, I never make anyone do something they really don’t want to, but after Max agreed to come in for a Toy video I had the guys take Johnny Angel to the set. Johnny is such a horn dog and I knew he’d jump at the chance to go down on Max. So with the stage set, we sprang the surprise on Max. I was fully ready to let him do another solo if he didn’t want to but to his credit he ran with it. I’m not saying anything about the kind of guy he is, other than he’s a team player, adventurous and is cool with trying new things. And if anyone’s going to bring someone out of their shell, Johnny Angel is gonna do it. The way he works a guy’s cock unreal. Those lips and tongue seem to go from lazily wrapping around a hard cock, up and down the shaft taking a guy from zero to sixty in no time flat. He’ll make his way down to the balls and give them a little attention before heading up to the head, kissing and and licking on and around it until the guy is moaning with pleasure. I love the look on Max’s face as Johnny works his magic, eyes closed and lost in the feeling of it all, with a look of confusion as to how he could be enjoying these feelings coming from another guy. And Johnny looked like he couldn’t be happier getting to give Max his first male oral experience.

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