Randy Blue: Jesse Moore

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Randy Blue: Jarrett & RichardJesse Moore is one of those guys who define the word ‘rugged’. He’s got this amazingly sexy body with just a hint of light blond body hair that you almost don’t notice until the light hits it just right, or you’re lucky enough to be within a few inches of his strong arms or athletic legs. And if you’re that close then you’ll also be lucky to get a close up view of his gorgeous cock and full hearty balls, jutting out from those V-shaped creases that flow down from his rock hard stomach. And while you’re there make sure you follow his natural curvature around to his amazing ass. When he’s jerking his cock it seems like every one of his well formed muscles gets in on the action. And his handsome face gets this look that’s a mixture of utter concentration and total bliss. Like he’s using everything he’s got to get the best feeling out of his huge dick and he’s enjoying every single minute of it. And you know he’s about to climax when he raises his quiet breaths to some really hot moans. And when he’s just at the point where he can’t hold off any longer he shoots a thick creamy load all over his firm abs.

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