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Randy Blue: Jarrett & RichardIt’s no surprise that I love the gym. Working out is a way I can relieve the stress of having gorgeous naked men around me all the time. It’s also a great way to clear my head so I can think of new ways to feature our models so you guys will have some hot videos to watch. I was at the gym when I got a text message from a brand new model, Jesse Davis. This blonde cutie is a friend of a friend of a friend of mine and was recommended to me by… well, one of those friends. He is so cute with his short blond hair and nice body. He showed up unshaven and wanted to know if he should shave but I really liked him scruffy so I told him not to. I remember when he came in so I could interview him and he was so shy and bashful. But those blue eyes of his told me that he has a passion and fire in there that just needs a little nudging to come out. Ever since I received his pic while at the gym I kept picturing him working out. So I decided to shoot his first video in our very own gym where we sometimes do our live shows. His video went really well. I wanted him to just be himself. To relax and just enjoy it. Sometimes it’s fun to get the guys to act a certain way or do certain things but Jesse has a very natural beauty that I find really sexy. So by letting him do his own workout and jerking session without any input from me seemed to be the best way to showcase his talent. The end result is a very private moment and very sensual. Sort of like you were spying on him working out in his own home without him knowing. Very voyeuristic. He’s still a bit reserved but showing signs that with a little practice we’ll see a sexual animal emerge soon.

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