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Randy Blue: Jarrett & RichardJeremy Walker made waves last week with his incredibly sexy video with Brent Diggs. Everywhere I go I keep running into people who keep asking me when they’re going to get their next fix of Jeremy. I had a video I shot of him around the same time as his last show that was supposed to go on the site a while ago but got bumped in a scheduling conflict. I remember this shoot like it just happened. He had been asking me about the Fleshlight toys he’d seen around the office. If you’re not familiar with them, they are a jack off toy that looks like, what else, a flashlight? They come in very handy if you have people who like to sneak through your closets. So I told Jeremy next time he came in he could try one out. He seemed to really love it. And it’s so hot to watch him go at it. His huge, muscular body shiny with a light sheen of sweat from all his jacking. You can see each muscle of his gigantic arms flexing as he runs the toy up and down his big, thick cock. You can just see the look of pleasure on his face as he enjoys every little sensation the Fleshlight gives to his aching cock. And finally, when he can take no more, he pulls out and drives himself to the edge, giving himself the perfect orgasm, just for you. I have been waiting for the perfect opportunity to slip this video into the schedule but with everyone clamoring for more Jeremy Walker I thought it would be fun to just give you a special bonus update today. Enjoy!

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