Randy Blue: Jason Harper

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Randy Blue: Jarrett & RichardI got an email from Jason Harper telling me he liked Randy Blue and that he would like to be on the site. He sent me some pics and I loved his handsome face. He’s got this great mixture of the boy next door meets mischief maker. I was pleased as I looked through the photos but when I got a look at the gargantuan cock swinging between his legs I had to look close to make sure it hadn’t been photoshopped. I was even more excited to see it in person. And what’s more, he’s such a cool guy to talk to that it made doing his first shoot a total pleasure. And I have to tell you, his monstrous member is impressive while flacid but when it grows to full hardness it’s incredible. And it’s so hot to watch him run his hand all up and down the length of it’s long beautiful shaft, runing his fingers up, over and around the bulbous tip, and back down to give his balls a little yank. I wanted to show off his nice sweet ass so I had him flip over onto his knees. Imagine my surprise when he pushed his aching hardon down between his legs and it almost reached the floor! And he doesn’t rely on just having a humongous dick to be sexy, he gives you a full performance with lots of heavy breathing, and how could you not be out of breath having to work a beast like that, and running his hands all over that sexy body of his. And when he finally goes in for the home stretch he gives it his all, as if focusing all of his sexual energy right at the tip his giant cannon, ready to shoot to kill.

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