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Randy Blue: Jarrett & RichardIt’s been a while since we’ve seen Jarret Rex. The last time he was here he did a sexy shower video for us and the members couldn’t get enough of it. He’s so damn sexy when he’s wanking his cock. With his beautiful tattoos wrapping around his athletic body, he can make you hot just standing there. He works hard on keeping his body in the best shape and it really shows. And if his body doesn’t get you, those big brown eyes will. He’s so damn handsome. So after having him do some amazing jack off videos, including the College Circle Jerk that I STILL get emails about, I wanted him to do something special. So I asked him if he would be up for doing some toys. He had never done them before so he was a little unsure. I let him think about it and when he called me back he said he would love to try it. He saw it as a new experience and after all he’s done on the site, why not give his fans something special. The day of the shoot he shows up looking better than ever. He started wanking that gorgeous cock of his and I was so enthralled that I almost forgot to give him the dildo. He eventually took it upon himself to grab the dildo and go to town with it. It was such a thrill watching him ease it in for the first time. You can tell by his moans that he was really enjoying it. He was having so much fun with the smaller one that he asked if I had anything bigger. You guys know I’m always prepared and I pulled out a nice big dong with a handle. He gently worked it into his tender hole the feeling was almost overwhelming. He got totally lost in the moment and splattered his hot jizz all over that smooth chest of his.

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