Randy Blue: Jake Sparks

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Randy Blue: Jarrett & RichardWhen I first met Jake Sparks I had him all wrong. He seemed like the quintessential boy next door type. Of course, he had a wild side because he had contacted me about being on the site, but he had such an innocent look about him. I almost worried he would chicken out before the day of the shoot came. Boy, was I wrong! This guy has a kinky side like you wouldn’t believe. I think we’re going to have a lot more fun with him as time goes on. But for now, enjoy this solo video. Aside from his handsome face he’s got this great body that he’s perfected through lots of physical activities. Never one to just lay around the house, he loves to get out and do things like horseback riding, soccer, swimming, wake boarding and fishing. His chest is covered in a lush carpet of dark fur that I couldn’t help from running my hands through. And I just love the way his face flushes when he’s working that cock of his. Once he had been at it for a while he showed me this really unique way of jerking off. He starts at the base of his shaft, letting his hands brush up against his nuts, then strokes off towards the head. But instead of stroking back towards the base he switches hands and does the same outward stroke towards the head. He keeps doing that over and over and it drove him completely wild. You can feel the intensity rise as his orgasm got closer and closer. And when he was ready to come his whole body slightly shook as he spurted long sticky ropes of jizz that entangled in his beauty body fur.

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