Randy Blue: Jake Price

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Randy Blue: Jarrett & RichardIf ever there was a guy on Randy Blue that gave you that feeling of a down home southern boy, it would be Jake Price. Starting with his shaggy mane of dirty blond curls, gorgeous retro sideburns and handsome face, he gets second looks everywhere he goes. I wouldn’t say he commands attention, instead he politely asks for it and gives his all in return. I took him out to dinner and everyone from the waitress to the people sitting at the surrounding tables couldn’t stop sneaking peeks at this beauty. I think the thing that works for him is that he’s not your typical Hollywood type hunk, but rather someone who’s real. The kind of guy you could run into on the street who just happens to have an amazing body. And speaking of bodies, this one’s been gifted with a tall, lean frame with just the right amount of light musculature that I doubt he has to spend much time at the gym to keep up. He’s also one of the most polite guys I’ve ever met. No attitude and always a please and thank you no matter what you are doing. This isn’t his first modeling gig by any means, but this is the first time I’ve had the pleasure of working with him. And I would have to say that pleasure is the best way to put it. I always talk about how much I love my job, and working with someone this cute and sweet makes me appreciate it even more. And I can’t finish telling you about this stud without mentioning his enormous cock. It is just the right size and shape. In taking his photos I could not stop looking at it. And watching him work it, the way his face and neck flush just a bit, the way his abs tense up a bit and the way he fondles his balls while stroking the entire length all in one fluid motion, it’s just breathtaking.

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