Randy Blue: Jacob Blunt

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Randy Blue: Jarrett & RichardA friend of mine recently auditioned for a reality show. He was standing in line waiting to be interviewed when the guy in front of him accidentally stepped on his toe. When he turned around to apologize my friend was totally taken aback. He said the guy’s southern drawl caught his attention but it was his adorable face that made him strike up a conversation. His name was Jacob Blunt and he was from the south, spending his vacation in LA hoping to get into modeling, movies or TV. He was pretty much open for anything just so he could go home with some interesting stories. My friend gave him my number and said if he wanted a really interesting story he could always model for Randy Blue. Well, the reality show didn’t pan out so Jacob gave me a call and when he came to my office I was never happier that my friend got his toe stepped on. Jacob is a total hottie, with a lean, firm body and a nice big dick. His chest is naturally smooth but he’s got a furry hole that I find really sexy. You’re gonna love this video. He was so hot that when a bunch of firetrucks went by I just let the cameras roll, I thought it was somehow fitting. His cock is quite a handful and he works it like a pro. And you all know how much I love cum shots so I was really happy when he shot a load all the way up his chest while moaning in that soft, deep voice of his.

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