Randy Blue: Isaac Marx

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Randy Blue: Jarrett & RichardI got an email the other day from the most adorable guy. His name was Isaac Marx and he said that he was in town and really wanted to be on the site. His photos were very nice so I invited him to drop by. I’m not a huge fan of long hair on men but once in a while I meet a guy who rocks the look and Isaac totally works it. Right from the moment he walked in the door and smiled at me I was already making plans for his first shoot. It turns out he’s from Toronto, Canada. He loves to travel and said that he had been wanting to see California. I was glad and told him that our members will be wanting to see him. He’s 20 years old and has a beautiful youthful glow about him. You can just drown in his deep blue eyes and his full red lips look so inviting. And he’s got this mischievous look about him, like you’re not really sure what you are getting into when you are with him, and I love that. His body is very natural with little tufts of hair in all the right places. And you can tell he just loves showing it off. There’s a shot of him lying on a couch that reminds me of a fashion shoot for an upscale clothing company. The camera loves this guy, showing off every inch of his flawless skin, the ripples of his sixpack abs, the tightness of his beautiful pecs, and that delicious cock of his. He doesn’t just jerk off letting you watch him, he really gets into it, with his heavy breathing and the expression of pure pleasure on his face. He moves around a lot so you can get a good look at him from every angle. His cumshot almost caught me by surprise but there was no missing it once it started. Thick ropes of jizz flying up into the air and all over the glass top table, which I made sure to capture just for you cum lovers out there.

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