Randy Blue: Hunter Vance

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Randy Blue: Jarrett & RichardHunter Vance is a total hottie. I met him at a local club where he was go go dancing. I just couldn’t keep my eyes off him. And the funny thing is that I couldn’t decide where to look. He’s got this beautiful smooth body, with a great set of pecs, and a nice bubble butt. And to top it off he’s got the most adorable face and the sweetest smile. I hung around after he was done dancing and introduced myself. He said he had never though about modeling before and I told him to check out the site and see if it was something he might like to try. I got a call from him the next day and he couldn’t wait to come in for his first shoot. He’s a fascinating guy. He’s lived all over the world and has seen a lot over the years, which is remarkable for someone as young as he is. And with such worldly experience he’s also found that he finds things attractive in both guys and girls and identifies as bisexual. I asked if he works out a lot and he said that he really doesn’t, but he’s very active. He loves snowboarding, which is not an easy sport. It’s no wonder he’s got such great legs. He said he’s never just hanging around the house, preferring to go out dancing, when he’s not dancing as part of his job, or playing other active sports. He also eats very healthy and said that one of his favorite foods is Sushi. This was his first time modeling anywhere and he did an excellent job. He was so at ease in front of the camera, which is probably because he’s so comfortable on stage. He really knows how to show off his body, running his hands over his smooth skin and working up that great handful of cock he’s got. He did such a great job on his first shoot I’m really looking forward to having him back.

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