Randy Blue: Gavin & Ryan

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Randy Blue: Jarrett & RichardWhen Ryan Rockford started modeling for us I noticed Gavin Tate showing some interest. I can’t put my finger on exactly what it was, a respect for his work in the industry, a little bit of a man crush, or just the fascination of wanting to do a scene with him. But whatever it was, I wasn’t going to let a chance like that pass me by. When they guys want to work together, who am I to not let them? I know it’s going to make for a kick ass video and this time I was dead on. I was going to do a little interview with them but before I could even turn the camera on they were already making out and getting really frisky with each other. I know when I’m not wanted so I just got everything set up and faded into the background, letting these two studs do there thing with no interference. I love shoots like these, where the guy are so into it that they need no coaching, no direction. They just get so into each other it’s like nobody else is in the room. Ryan is such a great cocksucker, taking all of Gavin’s cock into his mouth, working it with his tongue, stroking the shaft while using his incredible suction skills on his sensitive dickhead. And Gavin got so turned on having his dick sucked that he needed to get some man ass. He dove head first into Ryan’s hot butt, rimming him and getting his hole primed and ready for entry. By the time Gavin was done with him he was begging to be fucked. And Gavin couldn’t wait to fuck him. And once Gavin got his fill it was time for him to get filled so they switched places and Ryan got to give it to him good. He also got his tongue in there, alternately rimming his ass and sucking his balls, making Gavin’s head spin in pleasure, then returns to fucking him until he shoots his load with Ryan’s cock still buried deep inside him. This gets Ryan so hot he pulls out and showers Gavin with his own huge load.

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