Randy Blue: Gage Wilson Toy

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Randy Blue: Jarrett & RichardOur furry little stud is back. Gage Wilson is such a sexy guy, with his hot little body covered in that thick carpet of man fur. He looks good with a clean shaven face but when he lets his beard grow out there is just something about him that will give you wet dreams and sticky sheets. This guy is so hot, so sensual and so damn sexy. In today’s video he finds a dildo in a drawer and even though he’s never used one, he decides to try it out. His moans of pleasure make you feel like you’re right there in the room with him and needing release. He takes such great care with this new toy, gently invading his hot little ass, unable to control the vocalizations being born from his sexual frenzy. He makes the sounds you know you’ve made before during the hottest sex of your life and every sound takes you back there. You just can’t help it. Then, just when you think you can’t take anymore he puts that dildo down on the bed and rides it home. Watch his eyes close in ecstasy, his beautiful mouth open with moans of pleasure and inviting you to bring yours close to his, feeling his breath on your tongue. See his lush brown body hair ripple as his tight pecs rise and fall with each hurried breath. And when you and he can take it no more, you both come in unison, he spreading his seed all over the bed in a huge sticky mess, and you all over your hand, your come towel, or maybe your own bed. And once he shoots his load he gently pulls the dildo from his overly sensitized hole, and you know he’s already thinking about getting a toy of his own to play with over and over and over again.

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